International Film: Paris Je T’aime (Cities of Love series)

Sometimes the best movies/shows/books we experience are the one’s we stumble upon by accident. This definitely rings true for me when it comes to Paris Je T’aime. (PJT). PJT is a French anthology film (whose title translates to “Paris, I love you), compiling about 18 6-8 min. segments of stories all sharing two characteristics:


Cover of "Paris, Je T'Aime (Paris, I Love...

Cover of Paris, Je T’Aime (Paris, I Love You)


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a) They all take place in various arrondisements (sections) of Paris
b) They all have to do with love. And when I say love, I don’t mean sappy, romantic or sensual love (though some of them certainly are), but motherly love, mystical love, comedic love, or even lack of love…
The film is excellent, and though I wouldn’t call it my favorite, it’s definitely in my top 10. This film is actually a part of a series of films entitled, collectively as Cities of Love.
This movement is being lead by director Emmanuel Benighby (though 35 directors from around the world are involved)… their goal is to craft movies around cities ( as if the main character is the city itself!) who are famous for their love myths.
Paris is the city of romantic love. New York  is the city of comedic love. Rio De Janeiro is the city of sensual love. Shanghai is the city of exotic love, and Israel is the city of devotional love. Very interesting project indeed! The title of each film is simply the city’s name and “I love you” in the mother tongue of the city. (i.e. Rio , eu te amo)
Key is capturing the sights, sounds,and moods of various people in a given city and seeing how their lives hold up to the love myth of the city within they reside. So far, only Paris, Je T’aime and New York, I love you have been produce- the former getting much better reviews than the latter ; I haven’t actually seen New York I love you yet, but I plan to soon! Rio, Eu Te Amo is set to come out in 2014 (look forward to it!)


link provided here to youtube.

Here’s a scene from Paris Je T’aime that has haunted me since I first saw the film…and I’ve asked myself, is the woman in this clip, though she enjoys nearly all the joys of being a privileged white woman, oppressed?


Like a Lotus: Born into the murky, muddy waters I was, l ived, I breathed In awe of starry veil above me and the verdant radiance around me I gazed, I glowed, I gasped Striken with gale winds I braced, I fell, I felt Like a dove He descendeth He is, He lives, He breathes Like a lotus summoned by the sun’s rays I opened, I blossomed, I live

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