On The Progressive Ally And His Critics

"Ally down under" - NARA - 513782

“Ally down under” – NARA – 513782 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have been thinking a lot about the culture wars lately.  What is its significance online and how its waged? Who is doing the waging of said war?  What role does religion play in this new discourse? Exactly how “valuable” is pop culture as a theological resource?  And national culture? Unlike some bloggers and writers, I don’t see an “end” to the culture war, for it’s always being waged versus the poor and the downtrodden.  This has always been the case, from Murica’s founding.

Of course, there have always been groups of persons of privilege to ameliorate the plight of those who suffer.  Ever heard of the abolitionists? Of course you have. Unless you believe in the Lost Cause. There has been a backlash against what others {RIGHTLY} perceive as the Ally-Industrial Complex.  While I will reserve my arguments about persons like Hugo Schwyzer and Tim Wise for two forthcoming posts, I will say these are two of many examples I can name. The difference between progressive (usually but not limited to) white male allies and their “radical” critics is really their approaches to diverse human experiences. Sharing much more in common with persons who derail conversations about social justice issues, brogressive allies by choices of their own, do not truly engage others outside of their own experience except on the allies’/derailers’ terms and experiences.  Thus, the brogressive/derailers experience remains the center.  On our (the “radical” critics’) end, we see experiences as things that needed to be de-centered, with these experiences engaging one another through dialogue and mutuality, rather than imperialism and white saviorism in the name of power (allyship).  In other words, it’s perhaps a revamped notion of the vaunted idea of multi-culturalism, a society where no language or culture takes precedent over the other, that critics of brogressive allies are seeking to create.

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