Aquaman Vol. #2 – The Trench, Oceanography, and Theology – Ode to #Sharkweek!

“Take heart, for I have overcome the ocean”


                In Vol. #2 of Geoff John’s New 52 Aquaman , we see our hero getting more and more intimate with his sea maiden – Mera. As Arthur digs deeper and deeper into his albums of shots with his dad and other shady characters , Mera’s curiosity heightens more and more. While this is all happening, however, there is a whole legion (that we saw at the end of the last volume) of blood-sucking, alien-like monsters emanating from the deep, dark trench!


                As in the last volume, we saw them initially confronting a group of fisherman on a boat. One of the unfortunate fisherman who had cast this line ended up getting pulled into the water  only to leave his blood floating to the surface- paralyzing his mates with fear! But little did they know…they’d be next…

                Back ashore, while Arthur and Mera are oogling over pictures, they hear a swift knock on the door. It’s a police officer to alert him of the imminent danger of these gruesome trench creatures as their advancing front moves upon shore.  There’s a massive scene involving the entirety of constables as they gaze out into the blackness of the night and the oceanic depths.

It makes for a great story and certainly gives Aquaman the kick he needs in his “bada$$ meter”  to at least give him a fighting chance when compared to Superman or Batman, but it’s comforting to know that the oceanic depths that blanket ¾ of our planet aren’t quite as horrifying as Geoff Johns is illustrating- or ARE they!? A while back, Buzzfeed posted an article entitled, “Why No One Should Mess  With the Oceans” – and it makes quite the compelling case. I’ll post a few of the highlight reasons here: ( the following images are from Buzzfeed – here’s the original article:


First of all, the ocean is deep as fuck.

2. This is what most of the ocean looks like:

This is what most of the ocean looks like:

3. It’s probability to our own benefit that it’s so dark, because these are some of the friendly faces we’d see:

4. Scientists estimate that up to 80% of all living things live in the ocean!

Why No One Should Mess With The Ocean

5.  No sunlight = no plants, which = nearly everything these preying on FLESH!

Why No One Should Mess With The Ocean

6. There are vents shooting out boiling-hot water with sulfuric acid – would take your face clean off of your skull!

It's a frickin' hellscape down there. There are vents of boiling-hot sulfuric acid that would take your face clean off your skull.


The worst part is we've only explored less than 5% of the ocean.


Good googly-moogly – how could God have wrought such terrifying creation!?! Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for sure… but as bad and hellacious as the oceans seem, I believe the most terrifying showcase of creation is right on dry land – and even looks a bit like you and I! Earlier this week, GreenPeace had shared an image on facebook ( that I in turned shared) that seemed to really resonate with quite a bit of people.

Photo: More people die every year from falling coconuts than from shark attacks. But thanks to humans many species of sharks endangered.</p><br /><br /><br />
<p>Text SHARK to 877877 to get daily shark facts and ways to help protect them every day of #Sharkweek!

John 16:33 ” I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.

In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

When we look at the horrifying images of the deep sea and all the seemingly unknown, there’s a sense of queeziness that might come over us simply because it’s all so unfamiliar – did Jesus really overcome ALL the world? One of the most interesting questions I have been asked is “Do animals have a religion?”  – was there, in fact, an Incarnation not only for humanity but for sharks,  dolphins, and deer? It’s a little hilarious to entertain such a thought, but I believe that the above passage kind of answers the question – because Christ came to reconcile MANKIND, He OVERCAME the world! As vicious as the natural world seems, mankind’s evil is unmatched. What’s most interesting about that assertion, especially in view of the Greenpeace graphic, is that environmentalism (even the most atheistic brand) affirms this  – MAN is to blame! Sure grizzlies will sever your appendages and pythons may strangle- but it isn’t the savagery of the animal kingdom that the narrative of contemporary environmentalism is so concerned with – it is the savagery of man! Environmentalism is concerned, ultimately with man’s ego and finding ways to reconcile it for the sake of ecological welfare.

We can say, then, that maybe the scariest thing about the alien-like creatures from the trench of Aquaman isn’t so much that they represent our fear of ocean creatures ( though the artist did a good job making them look plenty gruesome – and they DO seem to operate like deep-sea leeches) – but because they’re anthropomorphic – in a way , we see the worst side of humanity in them!

P.S. Oceanography pretty much empirically proves that Aquaman is the best D.C. hero ;)



Like a Lotus: Born into the murky, muddy waters I was, l ived, I breathed In awe of starry veil above me and the verdant radiance around me I gazed, I glowed, I gasped Striken with gale winds I braced, I fell, I felt Like a dove He descendeth He is, He lives, He breathes Like a lotus summoned by the sun’s rays I opened, I blossomed, I live

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