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The New Batman/Superman Adventures

The New Batman/Superman Adventures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“In the past few years, the superhero movie has become a mainstay of summer movie lineups. Last year, “The Avengers” broke box office records and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy concluded. This year alone sees movies featuring Iron Man, Superman, Wolverine and others debuting on the big screen. One string ties these films together: They all tell stories of a spiritual nature.

Superhero stories attract people because humans want to “be more than we are, that’s what makes us the greatest species on the planet,” said Derek White, a pastor with the Memphis Conference of the United Methodist Church. He also blogs under the name “Geek Preacher.” “

Superheroes and Spirituality: Religious elements noted in Superman, Batman, other comics and films by Tracie Simer

“Comic book series aren’t just one, ongoing narrative. Instead, they’re tweaked and updated with new plots and characters. Likewise, the Bible isn’t one book written by one author. It’s a collection of books, written by various people at different points in time with different views. And both can be wrapped up in different packages across cultures, too. In terms of comic books, just see Spider-Man: India.”

What the Bible And Comic books Have In Common by Angela Suico


The New Avengers (comics)

The New Avengers (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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