A Summer of Environmental Ethics & Justice! : A guest post by Harry


“Harry Samuels is a student at UNC Asheville majoring in Environmental Management & Policy. He’s also very much obsessed with this Jesus guy – his politics, religious sensibilities, and the implications his teachings have for existential reality. Having been born in sunny Charleston , SC and raised in verdant Richmond, VA, he has spent his life in the American South- where many less-than-flattering portrayals and ideas of Jesus seem to prevail. Still, though, he has managed to “hold on to what is good” and seeks to explore , find, and maximize the intersection that lies between following Christ, sustainability of this gem of a planet, and environmental ethics.”

This summer, I am hoping to explore and critically engage in the discussion of the implications that Christian theology/ethics have for interaction with/reconciliation of the natural, physical environment! There are a number of texts that I am hoping to help as I explore this traditionally elusive intersection. I have not quite finalized everything but some of the texts will include:

Aquaman (New 52) by Geoff Johns

African American Environmental Thought by Kimberly K. Smith

The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken

Consider this a light itinerary of the direction I intend for this discussion to head this summer! The topics may seem random and some of my posts won’t engage any texts, but just be me thinking “aloud” (over the interwebs!) on the issue of environmental justice. Perhaps the topics will mainly follow the storyline of the Aquaman series as I am able to relate it to the themes at hand. I’m excited to see where this goes! Feel free to suggest things!

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    • Thanks so much Curt!! I’ll be sure to draw on this document and its points as there is much similarity between Occupy movement and environmental justice! I appreciate the suggestion

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