@FocusFamily ‘s Jim Daly on Dominionism

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I found this gem of a quote from a Huffington Post story on Focus on the Family:

“Worshiping the “idol of political power,” Daly confessed, was “one of the errors that we’ve made, to be forthright and honest. … Christian leadership has become about the victory, and that’s led to us becoming the predator and the world our prey. That’s not a Christian doctrine. I’m very concerned about the politicization of the faith.” “

For more of this heartwarming story, see Tom Krattenmaker’s A Progressive’s Confessional Journey to Focus On The Family

Excellent piece.

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5 thoughts on “@FocusFamily ‘s Jim Daly on Dominionism

  1. Beautiful. But the organization’s name is inherently idolatrous and I wish it would change. “Focus on the Kingdom” is that still too dominionist sounding? “Focus on Eternity.” Regardless the focus should be on JESUS. “Focus on the Christ.”

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