NT Wright And the New Perspective? Or Faithfulness?

NT Wright at Park Street Church

NT Wright at Park Street Church (Photo credit: Rachel Ford James)

What does it mean to place our faith in Christ? For some New Testament scholars and translators, the Greek term Pistis Christou and our understanding of it has come under scrutiny, as I think it should. The term “faith in Christ” (the “old” Perspective) makes Christianity all about us, and what we do in response to Christ’s actions on the Cross. The “New” Perspective places (rightfully) the focus on Christ and the character of God, and what God has done/is doing. The term “New”/New Perspective is derided simply for being seen as “new” while the defenders of tradition want to keep the “Old.” However, the “Old” perspective had to come from somewhere! The “New” perspective is just asking where did the “old” come from, and what it left out. I think it would be better to call the “new perspective” the Faithfulness Viewpoint, because that’s what it is, its about faithfulness, God in Christ’s faithfulness and goodness in the midst of our evil and infidelity.

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