The Answer Is Always, Augustine. Always!

If you’re a Christian and need to learn about Christian theology and history? Answer is simple: Go read Augustine of Hippo.

Wanna have sex talk in churches? Go and read Saint Augustine!

Need to know the qualifications for a babysitter? Go and read Augustine!

Desire advice on how to get your fantasy baseball team into the playoffs? Go and read Augustine!

Are you in college and going through the freshman 15? I have just the writer for you, it’s Augustine! Surprise!

Yesterday Rachel Held Evans tweeted her frustration at this post from Christ And Pop Culture: an Interview with Tim Keller. Obviously there are some problems but I will let you read it, and decide for yourself.

What I want to point out is that the name of Augustine is invoked, as if the standard non-critical interpretation of this guy it the only way to be a faithful Christian. Augustine’s not the only person who’s written about sex, heck, not the only Church father. Clement of Alexandria wrote about it, like a lot. Just as DC Comic book lovers like saying “The answer is Batman. It’s always Batman,” Reformed Christians turn to Augustine: “the answer is Augustine. It’s always Augustine.”

If the answer is always Augustine, why are you still Protestant?


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7 thoughts on “The Answer Is Always, Augustine. Always!

  1. That article is frustrating partly because it’s so hard to tell where Keller’s thoughts end and where the blogger’s commentary begins.

    • I mean, it seems reasonable enough for Keller to say that Christian sexual teaching is a major hangup for a lot of people (even setting aside the issue of homosexuality) – I think that’s true, even if it’s just one of many reasons.

      Where it goes off the rails is when he says that worrying about evolution is often a coverup for wanting to sleeping around, and it’s not clear how much of that the blogger gets that from Keller.

      • What’s odd about that is that Keller himself believes in theistic evolution. But this blogger has a knack for ultraconservative, ultra-neo-reformed theology and philosophizing about that theology.

      • My doubting and questioning faith came not out of sexual relationships but my own intimate relationships with scripture and the divine.

        I left fundamentalism not because I lost faith but because I believed too much. I believed what was taught deeply and when it failed me it lead me to question. From questioning I found a deep abiding faith.

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