God Made Another Super Patriotic Truck Ad For the #SuperBowl!

Today, I found myself in the middle of some serious, if not heated discussions via text message and facebook and twitter (what’s new?) about the Dodge “God Made A Farmer” ad during the Super Bowl. Apparently, asking one simple question about the commercial apparently is enough to offend some people to “unfriend” me or whatever. I care not. Here’s what I do care about. First things first, if you enjoyed the ad, no I don’t think you’re racist or whatever. More power to you. Second, if a multinational corporation makes a claim about God in public, as a Christian intellectual, it is my duty to ask questions. No claim about God is ever innocent or objective. None. Ever. This is coming from a Jesus-following, bible-believing, creed-affirming Christian. Just because it looks like a company is saying good things about “god” or people does not mean they are about reproach or criticism.

1st, So I ask Dodge Ram, which “god” made the farmer you are referring to in this ad? Which “god” are you talking about?

2nd, simply put, how did the farmers get their land? How did “god” provide land for these farmers? Was it perhaps the Homestead Act that Abraham Lincoln signed in 1862 so that whites could be squatters and “settlers” on First Nations Peoples’ land? Was it Manifest Destiny? The Trail of Tears? A Plantation? I want to know, just how did “god” provide land for his ELECT White American male farmer?

The 2nd question gets folks tongue-tied, cuz they don’t want to answer the question. Look, I am sick of revisionist history. I have had to deal with this BS all of my life, ever since third grade. I had to educate myself on the history of African Americans and Native Americans starting then. Social studies classes for elementary schools are sugar-coated and dishonest all in the name of nationalism.

The Super Bowl is a favorite national past-time. Football many claim is a religion. This claim, as I stated above is not an innocent truth claim. Football is part of a nationalistic religion, starting from junior high, pep rallies prepare the young to be subservient patriots not willing to criticize their country, for the good of the team! I like to watch football and the Super Bowl like everyone else, but I refuse to stay quiet when I see blatant nationalism prancing around as innocent agrarian nostalgia.

Here’s the transcript for Paul Harvey’s Future Farmers of America speech in 1978

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9 thoughts on “God Made Another Super Patriotic Truck Ad For the #SuperBowl!

  1. So which part was a lie? Did God not create farmers? Do farmers not work hard? Are the majority of farmers not upstanding people?

    I think that, in criticizing things that are correct to criticize, you have gone off the deep end on the other side and refuse to celebrate good where it may be found. You criticized nationalism, for example; can you show me a single blog post in which you celebrate anything about America? At all? Can you see anything anymore other than evil?

    • Charles. This comment brought quite a chuckle while I was at work. I’d say you could start with my patriotic posts on Abraham lincoln, the abolitionists & mlk. Theyre american. Theyre patriots. This comment shows the narrow scope of your view of what patriotism is.

      As for the lie? Yeah all the above? Which god made the farmer like i asked? Cant they answer? And providentially, howd these farmers get their land? Cant answer a simple question?

      • I did not ask about specific Americans. I asked about America. Have you ever blogged one nice thing about this country?

        All of the above is a lie? So God did not create farmers? Did they spring into existence ex nihilo? And the majority of farmers are lazy and disreputable? Cite sources for that one.

        As for your questions: The same God that created you and me created the humans who work on farms. And the farmers got their land by buying it or inheriting it, unless we are talking about some seriously OLD farmers who personally oversaw the displacement of the First Nations tribes. How did you get the land on which you currently live?

        • Charles, why do you insist on me having anything positive to say about any nation-state at all? Esp since theologically i believe nation-states to being a part of gentile supersessionism. I prefer to talk about individuals and traditions from a US american context.

          As for the “which god” you still didnt answer my question? Did the ad say anything about the Triune God of Scripture? No, civil religion and paganism yes it did.

          As for how did i get here: We didnt land on Plymouth Rock; Plymouth Rock landed on us, the descendents of enslaved Africans.

          • So let’s try this: can you say something good about the tradition of American farming? I’ll take almost anything. Show me that you have the complexity to look at a farm and see something other than evil.

            And I certainly did answer your question.

            Your problem is that a 2-minute TV ad did not demonstrate a full-bodied trinitarian theology, complete with scriptural supports? Yeesh. And where is the paganism (aside from the Latin origin of the word “paganus” meaning “one who lives in the country” and it’s an ad praising farmers, who live in the country)?

            So, if being the descendant of enslaved Africans makes you morally blameless for living on land that was stolen from the Tejas Caddo tribes (IIIRC, you’re in Dallas, so that would be Caddo land), does that mean that Black farmers are also exempt from your righteous indignation?

          • You know what? Never mind. Ignore my last response. If you can look at videos that describe hard work, dedication to family, and moral uprightness as praiseworthy, and see nothing but evil, I don’t know what the point is of arguing with you.

            I have work to do.

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