It’s 2013, and Public Schools Are Teaching the Racist Curse Of Ham?

Do you know why we shouldn’t have The Bible taught in public schools? Because OF COURSE DILETTANTES WOULD BE TEACHING KIDS HOW TO READ SCRIPTURE, that’s why!

And that’s definitely the case in Amarillo, TX, where they are really teaching the “origin of the races”:

“Perhaps the wackiest Bible lesson was the one presented to students at Amarillo ISD titled: “Racial Origins Traced from Noah.” A chart presented in the classroom claims that it’s possible to identify which of Noah’s three sons begat various racial and ethnic groups. Chancey explains:

According to the chart, “Western Europeans” and “Caucasians” descend from Japeth, “African races” and Canaanites from Ham, and “Jews, Semitic people, and Oriental races” from Shem. A test question shows that the chart was taken seriously: “Shem is the father of a) most Germanic races b) the Jewish people c) all African people.”

How Texas Public Schools Still Teach Creationism by Mother Jones

No, Mother Jones, it is not “whacky” or off the wall or out from right field. It’s a traditional fundamentalist teaching that continues to be perpetuated by fundamentalist protestants. It’s the same exact hermeneutic used to justify slavery and racial segregation and Western imperial expansion.

I have already written a post on why the Curse of Ham reading is DEAD DEAD DEAD WRONG. Maybe I should write a book about it?

Would you like to read a whole book about the curse of Ham? Yes? No?

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