Young Earth Creationism: It’s Just Not For Republicans

I have discussed creationism in the public square before here, like commenting how the state of Kentucky is starting its own state churches, with the Creation Museum & Noah’s Ark Park.

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Did I mention that their Governor is a Democrat who is fully behind these initiatives? Well, now it should not be that surprising. It seems like that conservative evangelicals in the GOP aren’t the only science deniers in politics. I found this on io9 that 41% of Democrats are Young Earth Creationists, that they don’t believe the Earth can be more than 10,000 years old. To even consider Old Earth Creationism is to be a rebel in politics! Yikes! According to Scientific American, these anti-science beliefs on the Left have real world consequences, such as Progressives’ discussion about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs, food).

Speaking of evolution, Joel pointed to findings in China where scientists found a leg that was, *GULP!* 40,000 years old: Ancient DNA reveals Human Living 40,000 years ago. Guess that means over-40% of the Democratic Party would have to deny this proof!

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