Kidding With Adam And Eve: A Brief Series on Re-Thinking Genesis 3: Introduction

Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553): Adam and ...

Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553): Adam and Eve. Beech wood, 1533. Bode-Museum, Berlin (Erworben 1830, Königliche Schlösser, Gemäldegalerie Kat. 567) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Did you notice anything about the picture that I featured for this blog post?  Adam and Eve, first of all, they are adults. Second of all, they are almost naked, except for those infamous leaves that save them from shame!  I have been thinking and reading about Adam and Eve in a different light. Growing up, I was taught to think of Eve, the mother of all the living, whenever she is created from Adam’s rib, that that means sexy time for Adam. In fact, today, the story of Adam and Eve is used for the sole purpose of the culture wars, as if YHWH left their tale to us just so we could score political points with our favorite lobbying groups! Yippee Yeah! More money to keep the system going! Meanwhile, the common good of society is ignored, especially when it comes to the rights of children.

This week, I would like to return to my Questions In Genesis series and at least once a month do brief series on Questions related to how Genesis has been understood and received. This month, I would like to look at Adam and Eve. What if we saw them as part of a different age group? Would it matter? How do I understand Adam and Eve’s historicity/mythology?

All of that will be answered and more in this brief series, including a closing post on what does it matter, what relevance and practical purposes would such a view hold for churches today?

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