The Bible, Homosexuality, and Christianity: Preface

Regardless of how any government or organization legislates homosexuality, the church has a responsibility to stand apart from them and both judge their faults and set a course for peace, love, faith, and justice, quite regardless of whatever the rest of the world may or may not be doing.

To that end, I have put off doing an exhaustive study of homosexuality and my faith for far too long. And I imagine that the word “exhaustive” in the last sentence to mean something like, “as exhaustive as I can get without exhausting my desire to live.” I am sure there will always more to say.

Still, I haven’t laid down all of my cards on this issue. I am working through it, trusting that the commitments I have made to Jesus and the way I understand God and the church will be vindicated for myself. Yet, I admit, as I set out to do this, I wonder how I will feel once the data is in and the discussion has been had? I wonder if the data leads to a place I don’t want to be, what will I do? Alas, I made a commitment long ago that if God and truth are in any way friends, God would want me to seek the truth, even if it seemingly goes against what I want to believe. The following series of posts are simply my honest attempt to wrestle through a divisive issue with the resources available to me.

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Optimistic Chad

Chad really really hopes things are going to turn out ok. He loves his wife - with the passion of 1000 exploding suns, and is a diligent, but surely mediocre father to his brilliant and subversive children. He likes Chinese food.

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3 thoughts on “The Bible, Homosexuality, and Christianity: Preface

  1. Hey Chad!

    Dunno if you’ve come across this site before, but I’d imagine it’d be helpful seeing as how these essays come from committed followers of Christ who identify as LGBTQ who’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and thought about this very thing:

    Hope it helps should you decide to check it out!

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