Jefferson Davis, Spiritual Head of the South: His Anti-Emancipation Proclamation

Jefferson Davis, Präsident der CSA Deutsch: 18...

Jefferson Davis, Präsident der CSA Deutsch: 1861: Jefferson Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday Ishmael Reed commented on how NOT subversive Django Unchained was, that perhaps exacting vengeance on a head of state like Jefferson Davis. He also mentioned in his comment that that would never happen because Jefferson Davis is STILL the spiritual head of the Southern U.S. I think Reed is dead on the $$$! Tuesday a lot of people recognized the Emancipation Proclamation, but today I wanted to highlight the theology of racism & unfreedom in Jefferson Davis’ thought, The Lost Cause religion.

On January 5th, 1863, Jefferson Davis declared Abraham Lincoln a heretic, who invited the Apocalypse, the doom of the white race by collaborating with blacks. The Confederacy was committed to starting an American empire, with the enslavement of blacks as a NATIONALIZED institution. Blacks were born not in the image of God, but to be subjugated by white men. The religion of the Lost Cause is a philosophy still being fought today.

Here is a link to Davis’ address; a PJ Thank you to Jeremy M. for the heads up:

Jefferson Davis AntiEmancipation Proclamation

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One thought on “Jefferson Davis, Spiritual Head of the South: His Anti-Emancipation Proclamation

  1. You need to learn more about Davis — like his promise of war if slavery was not spread. YOu got a bit of that in his anti -EP speech, but there’s a lot more.

    I studied Confederate leaders for years now, and always believe that nonsense, till I started reading newspapers and documents pre 1866. Just amazing, like the one you found —

    But you want a doozie? Davis was a punk ass coward — something the South has known for a long time and covered up

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