Stuff That White People Like That They Think Black People Should Like

Kate Bush-esque!

Kate Bush-esque! (Photo credit: TheDollObserver)

As I was talking Optimistic Chad late last week over the phone, I made a list of things/movies/music that all white people like and assume that people of color should like, since their taste is universally holds truth. Without further ado, here is the beginnings of my list, make what you will:

1. The movie Casa Blanca

2. Everything from celtic culture, music and folktales.

3. Les Miserables (the novel and the movie versions)

4. The Count Of Monte Christo (the novel and both films)

5. The music of Kate Bush (of whom I had never heard of until last night)

6. Lady Gaga

7. The television show Glee (okay, maybe not since now people hate this show)

8. Any church hymns where sin is referred to as “black”

9. Music by The Cranberries

10. The late 90’s NBC Thursday night comedies with no people of color, Seinfield and Friends




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15 thoughts on “Stuff That White People Like That They Think Black People Should Like

      • I see–I should have figured as much. Thanks for the clarification.

        I’m with you on the hymns. But here’s a hard one for me–what are we to make of Scriptures that talk about being washed “white as snow”?

        “White” people didn’t exist back then, so there’s that. (And, I’m not convinced “race” is a real thing, so I’m not even sure “white” people exist today!) But what do you make of that?

        • KJ,

          You’re right, race is not real in that it is a social construct, and people don’t like hearing/reading that for some reason.

          As for the “white as snow passages” i think it goes back to us just talking about holiness, and what that meant back then, and today. But purity talk has become passe.

  1. 1. Never seen Casa Blanca

    2. Yes, Celtic stuff rules.

    3. Love Les Mis

    4. Saw the movie of Count of MC, never read the book. Movie was enjoyable.

    5. I have never heard of Kate Bush

    6. I don’t care for Lady Gaga

    7. I am ambivalent about Glee

    8. I feel obligated to like “Black” Hymns, as if they were somehow more genuine/authentic than most of the ones we sing.

    9. Yes to The Cranberries

    10. Didn’t care for Seinfeld or Friends.

  2. 11. The holiday song that starts, I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, because:

    when, in 1942, Bing “Crosby’s recording spent eleven weeks on top of the Billboard charts… [t]he original version also hit number one on the Harlem Hit Parade for three weeks, Crosby’s first-ever appearance on the black-oriented chart.”

    Crosby’s is in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the best-selling single of all time” Guinness is Irish if not Celtic. And Grantaire (in Les Mes the book) is drinking Guinness Stout (when it says) “wine is only white magic. Grantaire was a daring drinker of dreams. The blackness of a terrible fit of drunkenness yawning before him, far from arresting him, attracted him. He had abandoned the bottle and taken to the beerglass. The beer-glass is the abyss.” (There’s something like this in Count of MC probably.)

    Never mind Kate Bush, the Cranberries, or the church hymns: Lady Gaga recorded “White Christmas” and that proves a lot.

    Forget old Seinfeld and rerunning Friends since – Just this very year 2012: “The Glee cast members: Darren Criss and Chris Colfer recorded the song [White Christmas] for Glee’s Christmas episode ‘Glee, Actually’.”

    (source: wikipedia “White Christmas” with this further proof also – Al Jarreau, Cee Lo Green, Dionne Warwick, Boney M., The Supremes, Bob Marley, and Otis Redding all cashed in and recorded White Christmas. So did The Ravens. Just truth in good taste universal.)

  3. 1. I absolutely love Casablanca :(

    2. Celtic music is nice enough if it’s playing somewhere but I never listen to it on my own.

    3. I like the Les Mis novel even though it’s scarily bloated and tangential. I’m not familiar with the adaptations.

    4. I like the Monte Cristo novel, haven’t seen the movies.

    5. Heard of Kate Bush, never listened to her

    6. Don’t like Lady Gaga

    7. Don’t like Glee

    8. No particular feelings either way on these hymns (though I don’t think any of my favorite ones use it)

    9. Don’t like Cranberries, but not very familiar with them.

    10. I like Seinfeld but not Friends.

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