Re-Reading Clement of Alexandria

English: Icon of Jesus Christ

English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you haven’t noticed my hints, I have been re-reading Clement of Alexandria. The first time, it was love at first read, I was critical, and used Clement only for his Logos Christology and his interpretation of the Hebrew Bible/LXX/Old Testament.

Now, my focus is on what I am calling from scripture & Patristic theology, the Darkness of God, a view of transcendence as mystery where God hides behind clouds (like in Exodus) and Jesus serves as the shining in the darkness (transcendence revealed to us, in such texts as John 1). I’ve also seen this cloud/angry YHWH imagery in texts like Lamentations.

Am I off base here? Is it heretical to call it “the darkness of God?” I’m just thinking out loud here.

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