Blog Posts of Note This Past Week: Binders Full of Women & Unsettled Religious Studies

Besides the bad week that evangelicals had this week, here are some other posts of notes I read and liked a whole lot.

First up, a couple of posts on what the Bible is all about: Matt Emerson and how The Bible is About Jesus and not us! Over at Jesus Creed, RJS talks about reading Genesis with the Cappodocians as allegory plus history in Allegory or History: The Focus Is Christ.

Also, Scot McKnight asks, Are AP Courses Corrupt?

Roger Olson, Thank God for Heresy! and for heretics too!

James McCarty shows us his Binder Full of Women scholars and thinkers in Ethics! :-)

Philip Tite reflects on Religious Studies and the changes it has gone through: An Unsettled Discipline:Reflections And Suggestions in the Study of Religion

And in pop culture,

The 10 Dumbest Things On TV So Far This Season from Hint: Nine of the topics have to do with NBC’s terrible dystopian science fiction program, Revolution.

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