Update: @CartoonNetwork Puts #YoungJustice, #GLTAS on Hiatus again until January 2013 #DCNation

Young Justice (TV series)

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As an update to an earlier story I pointed to, wondering whether or not Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, The Cartoon Network claimed to only be putting DC Nation, the hour block on Saturday mornings from 10am to 11am EST on hiatus for the month.

Now, they are telling us both shows, plus all of the DC nation animated shorts (that had somewhat of a cult following) on hiatus until January 2013. This according to one of the leading animators for GLTAS who informed me on the Twitter.

As a fan, this is quite infuriating. I was especially looking forward to the Black Lightening cartoon short, where they do a Cosby family like spoof with him and his daughters, who also grow up to be superheroes. I don’t see this as a victory for the fans whom I joined in reacting and campaigning on Twitter today. It feels like CN is once again acting in bad faith, leaving fan favorites, shows with substance and fan based, in limbo because they don’t sell toys, as was the case with Young Justice.

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