Sunday Funnies: An Evangelist for the Religion of Batman

Well, I think I have shared stories of the crazy street preachers I have met Downtown, maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. I don’t recall. I don’t like them, I really don’t, not that evangelism is wrong, it’s just that most, Okay okay, all street preachers I have met have been jerks and questioning even fellow Christians’ salvation, and have unloving attitudes. Reminds me of Rob Bell’s video, BullHorn. So dead on.

But I recently learned of one street preacher I would like to meet. and I don’t even have to be converted, since, I guess I could be part of this religion, BatManism.

You just have to believe George Clooney is a false prophet, and I hate to sound unorthodox, but I think Kilmer was just as bad, and Gotham Street Preacher needs to remember Adam West, really, it should be The Keaton, The West, and the Holy Bale.

A Hat Tip to iO9 for the story.

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