Movie Review: I Am Number Four

An Adventure in Superhero Movie Cliches

Rather than use awesome quotes and philosophizing thoughts to comment on the film, I Am Number Four, I thought I would use a flowchart and sum the movie up with a few cliches.


I Am Number Four > Jumper > Push


Alien boy with superpowers (along with 8 others) is sent to earth as their planet is destroyed by evil aliens.

The 9 are being hunted by these aliens, since they are the last of their kind.

Alien boy with superpowers moves to a new town with his legal guardian (kinda).

Alien boy meets normal girl.  Alien boy falls for girl.

Most popular guy in school bullies the alien boy and his nerdy conspiracy loving friend.

Most popular dude in school is on the football team and his father is the town sheriff.

Alien boy meets dog in the freezing rain.  Alien boy becomes attached to dog. Dog follows alien boy wherever he goes.

Alien boy has freak accidents in class as he discovers his powers. Alien boy learns to control his powers.

The legal guardian/mentor dies.  Alien boy must now fight the evil aliens on his own.

Alien boy discovers he is not alone, for he has a stalker. Stalker ends up being a young teenage femme fatale, who uses masculine language since she is a warrior and all.

Turns out that dog wasn’t really a dog after all.

The school bully reforms. The nerdy kids becomes a hero.

The end.

movie: recommended, at least Red Box it; yeah, I know, it was Michael Bay. So sue me!


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