Blogging Through Black History Month

A Potential Journey into the World of Black Literature, Science Fiction, and More

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Last year, one of my favorite bloggers, Kurk Gayle dedicated the entire month to intentionally reading the Bible through Africana eyes (as a white male) during the 28 days of February.  I enjoyed each post and may make time to revisit some of them, but for now, I have a goal for this Black History Month.  I am not without my criticism of contemporary “BLACK” culture, and had (and continue to have since the special apparently has more editions) many problems with CNN’s Black In America.

This year, I will try to bring up questions that go unasked.  I will try to finish two Octavia Butler novels (science fiction) and review them from a theological point of view. In addition, I am hopeful to also complete Booker T Washington’s autobiography Up From Slavery as I try to understand the mind behind the abomination we know in history as the Tuskegee Institute [shhhsssshhh I come from a biased, pro-literacy perspective]. I also anticipate blog posts, with the help of Chad the Optymyst, featuring African American superheroes (from all comic universes) and science fiction movies/t.v. series.  Hopefully there will be time to get some Dietrich Bonhoeffer, bible translation, and Firefly in the mix somewheres I reckon, oh, yes, and memes. ;-)

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