Corruption at ESPN?

I love sports as much as the next person, but for several years, I have continued to dislike ESPN, especially ever since they took over Monday Night Football with sub-par commentary and bad match-ups. In addition, ESPN should really change its name since it only covers a few chosen teams predominantly from the New York-Boston area and California (I am just referring to professional sports here; let’s not get into college athletics right now, especially the BCS which ESPN analysts love to defend since it benefits them).  This, and the lack of an attempt at trying to be objective in it’s “documentaries” and reporting are part of the reason why I try to avoid ESPN and ESPN 2. (Sorry Chad for being a tool and still having cable!)

So imagine my un-surprise when the recent allegations about so-called NFL “draft expert” Mel Kiper Jr first surfaced.  I suspect there is more to the story that is not being told, especially from the man who just happened to WRONGLY predict Ryan Leaf would have a better career than Peyton Manning.  Ryan Leaf is one of the players alleged to have had contact with agents affiliated with Kiper.

The latest ESPN craziness happened actually Monday Night, in the, ahem, massacre in Jacksonville by the Tennessee Titans.  The referees apparently asked Jeff Fisher, the Titans coach, to take timeouts so there could be commercial breaks from ESPN’s sponsors. I just find it ridiculous that a network could try to interfere with Jeff Fisher’s job,which is to coach the Tennessee Titans and keep his players from getting hurt, by melting the clock.  But of course, for ESPN, it’s not really about teams like the Titans, since they do not live in their beloved California or New York/Boston markets.

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