Theological Poetry: From A-Z: Aliens to Zoos (inspired by Exodus 22:22-24)

The Mothership Zion landed in Jacob’s backyard the other day. Up and down the escalator went. Not the type that you see at the mall, because there were angels from heaven twirling about.
The next day, Jacob limped into Egypt. Not one Egyptian citizen believed Jacob’s story, about how he had seen a visitor from the sky. In fact, Jacob’s face was so green, Pharaoh and his court mistook Jacob for a Martian. Jacob’s appearance drew a crowd; the audience gawked at him, the little children just laughed and threw bricks at him.
Pharaoh eventually ruled that Jacob and his family were to be placed in a zoo. The zoo was filled with donkeys that carried straw on their back and horses to plough the cotton fields. Jacob and company were given bricks and even more bricks so that more zoos could be built! Life in this zoo was miserable.
Jacob’s family pleaded, hoping,
Begging for someone; anyone on the Mothership Zion to hear them, to feel their pain. The following day, it was dusk, and very cloudy. The skies opened up and the Mothership Zion with a cannon, aimed at Egypt, shot out a seed, and the seed grew to be the Tree of Life.
Pharaoh was so puzzled, but he was angry at the same time; how dare somebody try to pose as the One True God, and plant a scrub in his garden. So, Egypt’s king ordered his army, only his best soldiers, to chop down that tree. Lo, and behold, they failed; not even the gods and goddesses, Pharaoh’s brothers and sisters could help.
Pharaoh ordered the family of Jacob to take down the plant, and promised them freedom from living in the zoo if they succeeded. Jacob’s family was stronger than any family in the land, and so they were able to uproot the Tree of Life and replant it in one of their lowly tents. It was replenished there in the tabernacle where Jacob would meet, and grew taller and shone brighter than any brush ever. As the children of Jacob were well on their way, walking with the Tree of Life by their side, Egypt’s king changed his mind.
The Pharaoh’s best men and women were commanded to pursue Jacob’s house and bring them back to the zoo. The Egyptian army was in hot pursuit when the Mothership Zion appeared, flying above Jacob’s enemies, and then proceeded to teleport Pharaoh’s horsewomen and men back to the pyramids.
A voice blasted from the Mothership Zion to Jacob, “Love the LORD your God, O Jacob, with all of your heart, mind, soul, and body; love your neighbors as yourself, and take care of the widows, orphans, and immigrants living among you. Remember, for you were, O Jacob, once a resident alien in a foreign land.”


Copyright. Rodney A. Thomas, Jr.,  2009.

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